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I think T-Lock is cruel nice to run with in order to get a better grip on any surface and a very safe feeling while driving. The bike feels even easier! I have won Swedish Enduro Champiomships, Novemberkasan and even been on the podium at the Indoor World Championships with T-Lock.

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Anders Eriksson - Seven times World Enduro Champion.

Dan Åkesson+

My name is Dan Åkesson and has driven a motorcycle for 28 years including 24 years I drove Motocross Championship with mixed success. At best, it was a third place in Mx 3 Championship in 2005, and 7 teams Championship gold in the premier league for motocross. 2007 I started to test some enduro thought it was pretty fun as in 2008, it became more enduro than motocross. During all these years I've driven motorcycle this has been the hose or sausage (sparkling) that I used. Hose was bad but gave a go driving feel while the sausages on the other hand was much better but the driving experience was worse. Were tested to drive dual thin hoses when laid a "coat" around the existing tubing. The result was heavy wheel jumped and bounced in all directions. It was after all the better, but was hard to drive. The sausage was the easier, but life in summer was poor when the sausage overheated and became instant mashed potatoes. 4 mm thick hoses seemed all very well, but they weighed accordingly. Heavy wheels is to avoid as they bounce around too much. 10 thousand bucks on a summer sausage was not fun, but there was no good alternative. The hose was not so I had to shell out. When I started to go more enduro and they wanted to lower the air pressure so it was easy to puncture. It is tested when drilling holes sausages to make them softer directly o it work great, but after a short while ago was sausage and mash.

The summer of 2009 I was contacted by Tompa T-Lock (Tom Kristensen). He had developed a cool thing he did call T-Lock. It would seal the inside toward the spokes and locking the tire against the rim, a tire struck with Tightness fixed around the rim. Cool, I thought and Tompa came over and installed a set. Mounting looked easy out so it was good. In with the bike in the bus and out to Kilsta Race Way. Tompa said put pressure on 0,6bar so it works great in the woods. 0.6 I thought, Hey will be the crash of wheels, tires and deflated. Said and done, I hit the 0.6 front and rear and out of the stone cairn on Kilsta. WOW! What a feeling! The bike just floated over slippery roots and rocks. This was Thursday afternoon and on Saturday we would run fun on the bike in Tolen, a competition with a super rocky and tough course. There has never been good for me. Then I thought that the T-Lock can be use for me, so I went there in the morning and rolled a test lap. It went great. I started in the second line and in less than a lap, I passed all in the first line and just floated on the slippery roots and rocks. I won with seven minutes ahead of the rest.

Totally sick, I thought, since then I love stone paths. The mounting think probably many it must surely was tricky. No, just take it easy take plenty of time to get the feel. I change T-Lock today as fast as I switched sausage, one learns. The life then ... I have run 500 hours with T-Lock since the summer of 2009 had three punctures then I have been driving Ranneslatt, Stångebro, various races in Swedish Championchips etc. + Approximately 25 other races around the country. I had more trouble with sausage and hose plus it cost the shirt. Now I drive over a hundred hours a T-cap and cost only a fraction of sausage and hose cost. Today, when I'm out on the trails and someone asks me to test the bike for springing adjustment, so I feel there are many bikes that would work much better with lighter wheels. The heavy 4 mm hoses and dogs make the car jump and bounce over them lighter T-lock wheels. Another advantage is the air pressure that can adjust for any surface you're driving on. For Stubb Race eg, reduce the pressure to 0.4 bar and the clay release cleanly from the tires and just to pull away. I could write miles of text of the benefits of T-Lock, but it is best to test themselves, you will not want to have something else later. Please come back and ask if you have questions I'll help you.

Sincerely, Dan Åkesson

Emelie Dahl+

Winner 2013 in Swedish Championchips MX-Girls class with T-Lock.

Max Enegård+

Max Enegård will ride a Husqvarna FC450 in the MX1 Swedish Championships.
Driving with T-Lock in two seasons now, both when I train and compete, and it has worked perfectly.
Better grip and lighter wheels with T-Lock allows the bike to be more manoeuvrable.

Sergio Castro+

Spanish T-Lock Concept rider Sergio Castro changed from Red to Blue for 2016 season in MX1.
This young talent been working so hard and we know he got the speed for riding with the fastest guys out there.
Hope to see you in the MXGP soon.